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2023 at FME Travel
2023 at FME Travel: 1200 Tours, 4000 Mates and more

2023 at FME Travel: 1200 Tours, 4000 Mates and more

FME Travel’s journey started 4 years ago, 2023 has proven to be a year filled with vibrancy and excitement at FME Travel. We initiated a groundbreaking educational project on community-based tourism at the FME Edu Language Center. A series of expanded activities then took place, including venturing into Culinary Tours, Cooking Classes and introducing exciting exploration activities in the Mekong region.

Dive into the stories below to learn more about the launches, key moments and highlights that defined FME’s year.

Congratulations on the triumphant progress of 2023 — we can’t wait to welcome you into the unfolding new chapters of 2024.

In the heart of the picturesque Mekong Delta, FME Travel (Fabulous Mekong Ecotours) stands as a beacon of exploration and cultural immersion. With a remarkable four-year experience in tailoring journeys across the rich landscapes of the Mekong Delta, FME Travel continues to redefine the essence of travel experiences.

FME Travel's Milestones

As a testament to our dedication and expertise, FME Travel has proudly served over +1200 tours, catering to more than +4000 domestic and international travelers. Our endeavors stand out prominently:

  • Guiding international university groups in cultural explorations: We arranged cultural odysseys for prestigious institutions such as Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Can Tho University, RMIT Australia University, Polytechnic School…
  • As we look to the future, FME envisions expanding our footprint to further enrich the experiences of those who partake in the complete essence of Can Tho.


1200+ Tours

4000+ Travel Mates

FME's Commitment to Local Products and Communities

FME Travel goes beyond standard travel narratives by amplifying inspiration through visual storytelling through e-magazine projects.

FME Travel Emagazines and Blogs
FME Travel Emagazines and Blogs

Furthermore, our commitment extends to community skill development, with two specialised training programmes focusing on risk management and guiding proficiency.

We’ve also promoted student engagement with 9 workshops, instilling in the next generation a love of inquiry and cultural awareness.

FME Wordshops and Trainings
FME Wordshops and Trainings

In essence, FME Travel is more than a tour company; it’s a gateway to experiencing the soul of the Mekong Delta. Our commitment to preserving local culture, imparting knowledge, and crafting unforgettable journeys stands at the core of our endeavors. As we step into the future, our resolve to inspire and create transformative travel experiences remains unwavering.

Join us in unraveling the vibrant tapestry of the Mekong Delta and discover a journey that goes beyond exploration – a journey that touches the soul.

The FME Unique Selling Points: Celebrating Mekong Delta's Distinctiveness

Our brand identity is infused with the essence of the Mekong Delta, emphasising one-of-a-kind tour designs that honour indigenous cultural heritage. Each expedition is extensively studied and prepared, delivering a thoughtful and thorough experience in every detail.

FME Travel is kindly to recommend one of our standards for a full-day journey to Can Tho as below:

Boat trip in Can Tho

Half Day Tour In Can Tho - Floating Market And Cocoa Farm ( morning half day tour)

A small boat will take you to explore the biggest wholesale floating market of Vietnam. Moreover, in this tour, we take you to discover the crisscrossing canal system by going to small canals in the countryside.

Then, you will see and try home-made chocolate in Cocoa farm and join in making rice noodles with locals. Surely, you won’t disappoint.

Bike Tour In The Countryside Can Tho - Visit Floating Market (afternoon tour)

Embark on a breathtaking adventure through the heart of Can Tho’s countryside with our immersive bike tour, enriched with a unique local ferry experience. Leave the hustle and bustle behind as you pedal through serene landscapes, immersing yourself in the beauty of nature, rich culture, and the warm hospitality of local residents.

The green with trees along the road becomes more and more the farther you go on the cycling tour
Impressive architecture of Khmer pagoda in Can Tho

Discoveries of heritage architecture in Can Tho city (afternoon tour)

Visit iconic cultural sites that represent the stories and traditions of the Kinh, Hoa and Khmer people in the Mekong Delta. Can Tho city tour takes you to visit the 3 special temples, as well as a herbal tea factory and where you can find the nostalgic vibe in an ancient house.

Motorbike Food Tour In Can Tho (evening tour)

If you are staying in Can Tho and have no idea of what to do at night, joining a food tour by scooter would be a great choice. Our tour guide will take you to explore delicious local dishes. You will be impressed by not only the taste of the food but also the way locals enjoy it.

Besides, it is a great experience to see and feel the Can Tho nightlife on the back of a scooter that you should not miss.

Fried prawn banh cong

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