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These booking conditions only apply to the trip arrangements which you book with us.

1. Payment details 

We need to get the deposit of 40% of the trip payment by a minimum of at least 1-5 days prior to departure depending on the kinds of tour you would love to book. The rest of the payment shall be finished when our tour guide picks you up for the tour. 

Children’s policies: 

+ From 15 years old: 100% of the price for adults.

+ From 10 – 14 years old: 75% of the price for adults.

+ From 6 – 9 years old: 50% of the price for adults.

+ Under 6 years old: free.

2. Liability and Insurance

Fabulous Mekong Ecotours is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage sustained by passengers incurred due to delay, accidents, natural disaster, political actions and unrest must be borne by passengers.

Passengers are required to have full travel insurance. Airline schedules and local conditions may affect accommodation and itineraries. Should this occur, we will endeavor to substitute suitable arrangements of similar value. Participation on any tour implies full agreement to above conditions by all parties involved.

We offer Fabulous Mekong Ecotours Insurance that if there is an unexpected accident on your adventure motorbike tours, we will take you to the hospital and cover your injuries up to $1,000 US. The insurance package for customers may be applicable when utilizing Fabulous Mekong Ecotours services. The specific conditions for eligibility for insurance benefits are outlined in Fabulous Mekong Eco Tours Insurance and Compensation Policy.

3. Cancellations and changes

An extra fee (30%) will be added for booking on holidays as our national policy for extra occasional service. 

  • Tet holidays, special events:

In case that after buying the tour, customers cancel the trip due to the following reasons: sickness, the family having an unexpected problem, customers should present relevant documents and send emails or other related paperwork to Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd, we can negotiate with our partners who supply services for your tour. The negotiation process will try to refund as much of the tour as possible, Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd will do all the procedures to transfer the tour if another customer has a need to minimize costs.

– In case of cancellation of the tour by customers within 03 days before departure, no show or late arrival after departure, the tour ticket must be 100% charged.

– In case after booking the tour, customers cancel and notify Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd, the process will be prescribed as follows:

Period before departure within which written notification of cancellation is received by us  Cancellation charge per person canceling (% of total cost) 
15 days 50%
7 days 75%
Within 72 hours 100%

In case after booking the tour, customers want to change to another departure date and notify the Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd, we will be responsible as follows:

+ Make an effort to check the services and change the date free of charge for customers. In case the tour involves air and train tickets, we have to follow the regulations of the carrier.

+ In case there are no alternative services for the date you wish to change, you will be penalized according to the cancellation regulations.

If you wish to change your tour, you have to announce Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd at least 10 days before the departure and 20% of the trip payment will be charged.


– In case of cancellation due to force majeure such as natural disasters, epidemics, delays, and cancellations of public transports, etc. Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd will not be responsible for any additional compensation, except a tour refund.

– The maximum cancellation penalty above that includes all costs spent on preparation for the trip, which can be reduced depending on the term and condition of each supplier working with Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd

– Due to the complicated nature of applying for a visa, the tour cancellation conditions above are not applicable for the tour to Europe, Australia, America, Russia, Japan, Korea, Egypt, South Africa, etc.

There will be the cancellation part for these tours which will provide for the customer.


Your special requirements have to be informed to Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd right at the moment that you’re booking the tour at the office (or you should mention them via emails or Whatsapp). Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd will confirm those requirements to you and we will try our best to meet up with your requirements, however, we’re not responsible for any consequences if the suppliers like accommodation, beverage and transportations refuse to provide the services that you need. All this information will be sent to you the day before the departure.


Based on the contracts between Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd, and the accommodation suppliers, the reserved accommodation standard is placed in the “Including” Tag. If there’s any change of accommodation for any reason, the alternative will remain the same standard and you’ll be aware of that before the departure. Your special preferences will be mentioned to Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd and it depends on the regulations of the accommodation, you might pay the extra fee. Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd has the right to refuse those preferences if the accommodation can’t provide the services needed for them. All this information will be sent to you before the departure. The check-in time of the accommodation is around 2 p.m.


The transports will be varied on the specific tour. We commit to do the right transport service with the right standard as mentioned in the “Including” Tag.

On the trip that uses public transport, Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd has the right to inform the change of the departure time (if it’s still long before the departure time). Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd is not responsible for any mental and financial damage if the public transports cause the delay, cancellation, or if you’re not punctual. We will just help to reduce the damage that happened to you.


You’re responsible for your luggage during the trip. If your belongings are lost during the trip, Fabulous Mekong Ecotours., Ltd will help contact the suppliers to find them for you. Refunding for lost and missing luggage will be applied according to the regulations of the suppliers or the insurance company.

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