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Nem Nuong Hai Van in Can Tho
Nem Nuong – Vietnam Pork BBQ ROLLS in Can Tho

Nem Nuong - Vietnam Pork BBQ ROLLS in Can Tho

Pork BBQ rolls – Nem Nướng in Vietnamese, is a must-try street food. It is said that Nem Nuong is one of representatives of Vietnam cuisine in general and the Southwest – Mekong Delta in particular.

Nem Nuong Can Tho - Emagazine by FME
Thanks to the fertility and abundance of natural ingredients, Mekong Delta has a diverse food background. Coming to the center of this region – Can Tho city, there are some dishes that you have to try to understand not only about the cuisine but also culture and habits of Mekong Delta people. And Nem Nuong is one of them!
Grilled pork patties rolled with Banh hoi
Nem nuong has iridescent brown skin and tenderness of meat. When eating it with rice paper, there are many “toppings” to go with. The green of lettuce, the yellow of pineapple, the white of Banh Hoi and the brown of Nem nuong would make your roll have a fabulous taste.
H2 Nem Nuong and rolling habit
Nem Nuong is a typical dish that many regions in Vietnam have but each region has a different taste. It’s mainly made from ground pork and pork paste. This pork BBQ roll tends to be sweeter in the Southwest and is eaten with Banh Hoi, raw vegetables, and herbs rolled in rice paper.
Vietnamese people have the habit of “rolling” and there are many kinds of rolling dishes here in the country. When locals eat Nem Nuong, they often use rice paper or a leaf to roll the Nem Nuong and herbs, then dip it in the Vietnamese sauce to enjoy. That’s why you should try this dish to deeply understand Mekong Delta culture.
Bo la lot - Beef Wrapped in Betel Leaf
H2 Nem Nuong Hai Van famous in Can Tho
Experience Can Tho street food, you shouldn’t miss De Tham street in the center of Can Tho, which is known for delicious dishes . And Nem Nuong Hai Van (Hai Van Pork BBQ Rolls Diner) is very famous on this street.
Nem Nuong Hai Van restaurant

Nem Nuong Hai Van is a 10-year-old diner which grinds 100kg of pork per day. It opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm everyday. The current manager of this diner is the daughter of Mrs Hai Van whom we called Quyên.

The owner of Nem Nuong Hai Van
The owner of Nem Nuong Hai Van
Grilling - Bo La Lot and pork BBQ - Nem Nuong
H2 special dipping sauce for Nem Nuong
People often use normal mixed fish sauce to eat with Nem Nuong. But Mrs Hai Van uses Vietnamese fermented anchovy sauce so the taste is more impressive and it creates the harmonious sweetness. Besides, Nem Nuong Hai Van also serves hoisin sauce which is also sweet.
H2 Hai Van Nem Nuong menu

There are two main dishes: Nem Nuong and grilled beef in Betel leaves (Bo La Lot)

H2 How to eat Nem Nuong?

Place Pork BBQ and veggies into rice paper- make your roll and deep it into the sauce, then enjoy the regional savory which makes you a real gourmet.


Writer: Kim Anh Tran

Photographer: Minh Bach

Designers: Minh Nhựt + Phước Thành

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