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Scooter Rentals in Can Tho

Fabulous Mekong Ecotours supplies different packages of scooter rental in Can Tho for your monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly scooter rental, including necessary safety equipment at a reasonable price.

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Popular scooter rentals in Can Tho

Scooter rental in Can Tho for your weekly and daily.



City Go

by daily



Classic Trip

by weekly

Scooter Rental in Can Tho
Free pick up to your hotel or villa!

We provide pick-up service from the airport and hotels/villas in Can Tho city center

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Scooter rental by time

A day scooter rental

FME Travel Favicon

$6.5 a day

  • 2 helmets/bike
  • 2 adults, 1 bags
  • Free Delivery and Return in meeting point around 3km/radius
  • 2 bottles of water

A month scooter rental

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$2 a day

  • 2 helmets/bike
  • 2 adults, 1 bags
  • Free Delivery and Return in meeting point around 3km/radius
  • 2 bottles of water

Scooter rental by time

Rent a scooter
Rent a Hayate

Hayate 125 SS

Prices start at $6.5 per day, $60 per month.

  • Brand: Suzuki
  • Max passengers: 2 people
  • Scooter type: Automatic (gasoline)
Rent a Vision


Prices start at $6.5 per day, $60 per month.

  • Brand: Honda
  • Max passengers: 2 people
  • Scooter type: Automatic (gasoline)
Rent a Nouvo


Prices start at $6.5 per day, $60 per month.

  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Max passengers: 2 people
  • Scooter type: Automatic (gasoline)

Scooter rental price list in Can Tho

Here is our rent for scooter rental (if you have any additional requirements, please let us know so we can arrange the best for you! ):

A day
$6.5 per day
A month
$2 per day

If you wanna rent a scooter for the long term. Please contact us to get more information and detailed prices.

Please contact us to get more information and detailed price.

Scooter in Viet Nam

Scooter booking steps

Select a vehicle or service on our website. Confirm the reservation and pay the deposit

We will collect $100 for your deposit

Meet the driver and pick up your scooter at the airport or the hotel

You are able to check scooter information directly

Checking scooter conditions, paying the bill and picking up your rental scooter

We accept VND & USD currency

We also have a car rental service!

Booking Requirements

Additional Information

Why should you choose our services?

Quality Scooter

Our scooters are modern, ensuring you’ll have a smooth ride.

Machinery Warranty

We also offer motorbike repair services when you are in need.

24/7 customer service

Just contact us when you need, we are always available and willing to assist you.

Free cancelation

Free cancellation 1 day(s) prior to departure date.

Payment details

Rental time

If the bike is delivered back to the Fabulous Mekong Ecotours after the date agreed, the renter will have to pay a fee for the delayed return. The fee is:


FME Travel from customers views

What customers talk about our scooter rental service

Budget Price 83%
Customer service
Pick-up on time 95%
High quality scooter 88%
Jure customer
My husband and I traveled to Can Tho and rented a motorbike in FME. Bike was delivered on time and taken back too. Good helmets. Thank you once again for a great service! I will share your phone number with my friends.
Aleksandra customer
Aleksandra customer
We rented a motorbike for a day. The price is affordable. I just needed to send a message on whatsApp to FME rental service and they answered very quickly. They delivered the motorbike at our hotel in just a few minutes.
Brian customer
It was very easy to get a motorbike here. The bike was maybe not the most comfortable one for the long rides, but the price was very good. Everything was quick and the trip could start in a few minutes.
Georgia customer
We rented a scooter for two days from FME Motorbike service. They are a professional service. My motorbike was broken on the way. Then I called customer service. They quickly supported us for around 10 minutes.

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Scooter Rental & Travel Tips in Can Tho

Ecotourism for sustainable community development

What FME is doing?!


  1. Download offline Google Maps: You can download Google Maps offline and then download your route map ahead of time which will help you navigate, and find destinations even without Wi-fi.
  2. Get a Vietnamese SIM card: It is recommended to get a SIM in Vietnam so that you can access the internet continuously. This allows you to contact your family, friends, or even the the police when you are in need.
  3. Driving on the right of the lane: You need to ride your bike close to the right lane and should not go in rows two and three, which is very dangerous.
  4. Pay attention to the road: although the majority of the roads in Vietnam are well-maintained, in some areas there are potholes, ruts, mud, and damp surfaces, so pay attention and adjust your driving style accordingly.
Vietnamese drive on the right-hand side of the road.

Currently, gasoline prices in Can Tho range from 25,000 to 27,000 VND (about $1.1) / liter (or $4 for a gallon). (it is dependent on the Market)

In Can Tho, the maximum speed of a motorcycle when participating in traffic is not more than 40 km/h (about 25 miles per hour).
According to Vietnamese law, you’re required to have an international driving permit if you’re going to operate a motor vehicle in Viet Nam. If the police ask for your driver’s license, you need to present them with a valid copy of your driver’s license from your home country as well as your IDP.
In general, renting a motorbike in VietNam is extremely affordable. If you want to rent a motorcycle, you can expect to pay around 6,4$ per day. Moreover, it also depends on what types of motorbike you want to rent.
When you’re in the city, you can easily find loads of rental shops by asking your hotel or on a streetside rental company. You also could do a quick Google search for the nearest rental shop.
  • Wearing helmet
  • Always remember to check your speed limit
  • Do not ride after using alcohol
  • Riding on the right side
  • Do not pull or push other vehicles

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