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Why Cocoa Farm & Floating Market is an attractive combination

Why Cocoa Farm & Floating Market is an attractive combination
Cocoa Farm & Floating Market Trip
From $28

Meet Muoi Cuong, the cocoa expert farmer

Did you know that Muoi Cuong boasts the title of being the very first cocoa farm in the Mekong Delta? Spanning an impressive 1.2 hectares, the farm now proudly cultivates over 2000 cocoa trees of two distinct varieties. It’s truly a chocolate lover’s paradise!

Mr. Muoi Cuong the owner of Muoi Cuong cocoa farm in Can Tho
  • Cacao trees were first introduced to Vietnam in the late 19th century by French colonists.
  • Vietnam’s cacao production reached 24,000 metric tons in 2020, according to the International Cocoa Organization.
Cocoa farm in Can Tho

Interesting activities at Muoi Cuong Cocoa Farm:

  • Walking around the cocoa farm in Can Tho will be an ideal activity
  • Tasting the cocoa fruit, drink, chocolate and wine
  • Observing the process of making cocoa products
Grinding machine in cocoa farm in Can Tho
Tourists visit Cocoa farm in Can Tho

Captivated by

the old cacao farmer’s


in the Muoi Cuong farm

Studying traditional

Vietnamese farming


is intriguing

Embarking on a

local Mekong

eco adventure

with FME Travel

Boat river in Can Tho, Mekong Delta

Floating Market,
The place where human souls shine bright on the river

Embark on a 6km journey by boat

from Ninh Kieu Wharf

to the bustling Cai Rang floating market.

Dawn breaks

and the Cai Rang floating market

bustles with hundreds of trading boats

Cai Rang floating market

where trading and culture meet

in the Mekong Delta

Floating Market in Vietnam flycam

The boats at Cai Rang floating market serve as more than just a place to trade goods; they are homes for the locals who live on them for months at a time. These boats provide shelter, food, and even a sense of community amidst the wind and rain of the Mekong Delta.

Life floating on that river, makes them more attached to the Mekong river than anyone else. Characteristic culture, formed from the souls of boaters in the floating market.

Discover more about Floating Market & Cocoa Farm

Rustic boat life at Viet Nam Floating Market

The story is about the life on board the boat woman who takes tourists to Cai Rang Floating Market every day

Muoi Cuong – The story of a cocoa farmer

The real story of Mr. Muoi Cuong (The Old Man of Cocoa) and the stages of turning cocoa into chocolate by the traditional way in Vietnam

Floating Market And Cocoa Farm

Experience an exciting journey in Can Tho with a train tour to Cai Rang Floating Market and hear stories and get to know the facts about Cocoa Farm Muoi Cuong

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The tour typically lasts around 6 hours, from early morning to midday.
Yes, visitors can purchase a variety of chocolate products, including bars, truffles, and hot chocolate, at the cocoa farm.
Yes, the tour is family-friendly and suitable for children. However, young children may need to be supervised during the boat ride through the floating market.
Yes, transportation to and from the floating market and cocoa farm is included in the tour.
Why Cocoa Farm and Floating Market is an attractive combination
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