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Chuoi Chien - Vietnamese Fried Banana

Step onto the bustling streets of Vietnam, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by an endless array of mouth-watering street foods. But there’s one treat that stands out from the rest: Chuoi Chien, or Vietnamese Fried Banana.

With their bright, sunny yellow color and crispy exterior, these bananas are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Bite into one, and you’ll be transported to a world of sweet, creamy deliciousness that’s impossible to resist.

For decades, Chuoi Chien has been a beloved part of Vietnamese culinary culture, a symbol of the country’s rich history and deep love of food. So why not join us – FME Travel and make some memories of your own with a hot Chuoi Chien?

Heading What is Chuoi Chien
Chuoi Chien is a beloved dessert or snack in Southeast Asian cuisine that has grabbed the hearts and taste buds of people in Vietnam.
The seller lifts and fry banana with chopsticks
The locals will choose ripest bananas to make this delicious dishes. The bananas will be flattened first. Then, they will be coated in a batter made from rice starch, flour, sugar, and a touch of salt, before being deep-fried to a perfect crisp.

After deep-frying once, the hot banana will coat another layer of flour with a sprinkling of sesame seeds, which adds a little bit nutty, savory flavor that perfectly balances the sweetness of the bananas. The bananas will be fried evenly until turning into an eye-catching brown color. After all the steps, the locals put them on a filter to drain all the oil left and they are ready to be served.

“I just had the most amazing Bánh Chuối Chiên! As I took a bite, the sweetness of the ripe banana combined with the crispy texture of the fried batter exploded in my mouth. The aroma was delightful, with a hint of fragrant oil that made me want to devour the whole plate. The crust was perfectly crispy, yet still moist enough to create a velvety sensation when I chewed. All in all, Bánh Chuối Chiên is a must-try snack that will make your taste buds dance with joy.” – A visitor said.

Hot and freshly fried bananas on the filter to drain the oil
Hot and freshly fried bananas on the filter to drain the oil
Heading Anatomy Chuoi Chien

Vietnamese fruits are full of surprises, and one of them is the unique and flavorful variant of bananas that are perfect for making Chuoi Chien – It’s Chuoi Xiem.

Unlike regular bananas, Chuoi Xiem (Siamese/Thai bananas) is small and stubby, with a rich fragrance and sweetness that make them perfect for frying. These special bananas are a beloved ingredient in Vietnam and are an essential part of the Chuoi Chien recipe.

Siamese bananas
Heading taste Chuoi Chien

Be ready to thrill your sense of taste with the irresistible flavor and crisp texture of Chuoi Chien. On the first bite, this fried banana, with its pop-yellow color and crispy bite, will leave you craving more. After that, you’ll get a burst of sweetness balanced nicely by the delightful crunch of the batter. As you chew, the banana’s soft and juicy texture will melt in your mouth, giving a delectable and satisfying sensation.

It’s no wonder that locals in Vietnam can’t resist stopping by their favorite Chuoi Chien shop after a long day of work or school – this delicious treat is the perfect way to unwind from stress and indulge in a little moment of happiness.

Create your own street food journey in Can Tho:


Heading Where is Chuoi Chien in Can Tho

If you want to eat Chuoi Chien, try Banh Chuoi Chien Ngoc Tien – Can Tho. This is one of the most famous Chuoi Chien in Can Tho.

The shop is located in a small corner of Mac Dinh Chi Street, opposite the KIT (Banh Ca Taiyaki) shop. The shop’s open time is from 8 am to 5:30 pm. This place is famous for selling Chuoi Chien with black sesame. The most crowded time is in the mornings and on the weekends.

For many years, this location has drawn tourists and Can Tho residents to come and eat Chuoi Chien thanks to the vendor’s servers’ excitement. If you get the chance to visit Can Tho, this is one of the eateries you should go to.

Address: Banh Chuoi Chien Ngoc Tien – Can Tho is located at Mac Dinh Chi Street, An Cu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.

Fried banana shop in Can Tho
Heading Memories Chuoi Chien

Chuoi Chien is more than simply a snack; it’s a cherished cultural icon that has been a part of daily life for generations.

For many Vietnamese, biting into a hot, crispy piece of Chuoi Chien evokes childhood memories of market trips, family gatherings, and idle afternoons spent snacking with friends.

The smell of sizzling oil and the sweet scent of bananas is enough to transport anyone back to a more innocent period, filled with giggles and love.


Chuoi Chien has become an indispensable part of many local people’s memories. Having a fragrant Chuoi Chien with friends in the afternoon when the stomach grumbled was a wonderful memory for Vietnamese children for decades.

Even though local life has become more civilized and modernized, Chuoi Chien still remains a must-eat street food in Vietnam rated by locals and has also become a symbol of home and comfort in Vietnamese culture, symbolizing the warmth and friendliness of the Vietnamese people.

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Photos: Minh Bach

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