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Banh Cong Emagazine fried prawn cake in Can Tho
Banh Cong – A traditional Mekong Delta cake

Banh Cong - A traditional Mekong Delta cake

Among plenty of Can Tho delicious specialties, Banh Cong is loved by its crispy taste and simple ingredients, which is a rustic specialty typical of the Khmer ethnic people in the Mekong Delta. Surely it wakes up your taste.

Let’s find out the image and interesting information about this traditional Banh Cong in this Emagazine with FME Travel.

Banh Cong Vietnamese food

Banh Cong has an aromatic flavour and special taste that attracts eaters from the first bite thanks to the buttery taste mixed with the powdery sweetness of green beans, shrimps and pork it offers

Banh Cong Vietnam food typo why it is banh cong

If you have never tasted this dish before and just heard of the name, you will feel curious about its unique name.

Ingredients Banh Cong

The name of this Mekong Delta specialty is associated with the baking tools used to fry it. They are shaped like a small coffee cup, only about 10cm height.

The rice flour after being stirred with warm water for around 20 minutes will be added to marinated green beans, shrimps and minced pork together with spices and fried onion. Then you put in oil and fry until it turns golden brown.

Frying Banh Cong

The process of making this Mekong Delta specialty also needs careful techniques. The experienced cooks know how to manage the fire while frying them.

Sweet, sour and salty with a spicy kick are about this special dipping sauce which livens up any dishes that it is added to. Perfectly versatile sauce for fresh/fried spring rolls, salads, noodles, grilled meats and especially for Banh Cong.

Banh Cong Vietnam food typo How to enjoy

This banh cong is specially tasty when it smells good and is crispy. Banh Cong will make your dinners mouth watering when being served with sweet-sour fish sauce with added lime, shredded carrot, radish and minced chili.

Lettuce and herbs
Lettuce and herbs

The crisp of flour, fragrance of rice and vegetables together with light bitterness of local herbs, sweetness of shrimp and fat of bean will bring dinners an unforgettable feeling and crave for more.

Banh Cong Vietnam food typo Banh Cong in Can Tho

When mentioning food in Can Tho, De Tham Street is the one that visitors should come to because of the wide range of food it offers. If you want to eat Banh Cong, choose Banh Cong Co Ut. This is one of the most famous Banh Cong restaurants in Can Tho.

The restaurant is located in a small alley on the right of Luu Huu Phuoc Park, in between Ly Tu Trong Street and De Tham Street. The restaurant’s open time is from 9am to 9:30pm. This place is famous for selling Banh Cong with traditional taste. The most crowded time is in the evenings and at the weekends.

With the spacious room for customers to eat-in and the enthusiasm of the vendor’s waiters, this place has attracted visitors as well as the locals in Can Tho to come and enjoy Banh Cong for the last many years. This is one of the must-visit eateries when having chances to come to Can Tho.

Banh Cong Cô Út Restaurant

Ratings and reviews


Attractive local restaurant in Can Tho



Address: 28 Ly Tu Trong Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.

Price: 16.000 VND ($0.7)/each


Banh Cong is an outstanding dish on our menu on the Can Tho cuisine tour

Delicious sticky rice

Writer: Kim Ngan

Photographer: Minh Bach & Minh Nhut

Designers: Huu Nghia

Editor: Huynh Hieu Travel

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